Thursday, 12 May 2016

Sprouting isn't Rocket Science - Who Knew?!

Anyone that knows me also knows I'm a dreamer with lots of big ideas, many I most likely won't ever realise, more I half manage and a few that actually work out very well!
One of those dreams is to get back to good physical health and ensuring my family come with me.
For a number of years I've been dealing with health issues that in earlier days almost consumed every fibre of interest in life that I had and left me like a soul-less zombie needing a lot of support from my very loving family. Those health issues include, among others, hypothyroidism and fibromyalgia.

Now I'm not going to get into the lows of these conditions and where it all started etc. because I have come to realise that the more I focus on the negative effects of living with a chronic condition, the more chronic it feels and becomes.
For sure I can be heard having a good whine on a hard day but the truth is I just can't afford to lie down and become a victim. I have my children to mother, my husband to partner and a life to fully live in.
So my focus these days is on how to get healthy, much healthier,  naturally.
Well it's not rocket science is it? Eat good food, drink enough water, exercise, get plenty of fresh air, sunshine, rest, play and of course, be yourself.

In this past year my health has improved significantly by doing more of all the above but not enough of some of them. One of the good health "musts" that I am currently focusing on is learning more about naturally grown and prepared food. After all, our food is the fuel that keeps our body's engine ticking over and how the engine performs will be determined by the quality of the fuel.

I'm particularly fascinated by the whole concept of sprouting and how sprouts come to be superfoods which are like powerful injections of turbo fuel for the body's engine,
How is this so? Its as if by magic a little seed, healthy in its own right, once sprouted becomes a powerful spell that can cause a transformation never possible by maintaining the average conventional diet with a multi-vitamin thrown in here and there.
So, to make a long story short, we started sprouting today!

Here's Kila (age 5 "almost 6!") getting us started.
We're sprouting buckwheat, lentils, adzuki beans & sunflower seeds and we're using old yogurt jars to soak them. (I'll keep you posted on our progress!)

Apparently it takes around four days for your seed sprouts to become edible and its very easy to do it.
Oh and  seeds, grains dried beans & legumes are very inexpensive to buy despite how healthy they are. So there you go, not all cheap food is bad for you!

Here's a good video on how to do it;

And finally here is some detailed information from Irish company Green Valu  on the benefits of sprouting. 
Sin sin (That's it!)  Happy sprouting if you're up for trying it (or are already a connoisseur) and I'd love to hear any experience advice or tips on offer.
Slán go foil  (Bye for now!)

Annette x

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Fáilte go Earthly Home Ireland - Welcome!
I am very much looking forward to sharing our life, our interests and our passions with you and look forward to hearing about yours.
This blog has been taking shape for over a year now inside my head and I'm delighted to finally get it as far as my fingers!

Over many years of learning and unlearning about life, love, nature and all its joys and trials there has been one repeated theme that keeps showing up.
 It is a piece of wisdom passed on to me many years ago and despite having paid it forward many times, I have never actually gotten around to fully embracing it myself!
It's time to truly walk the talk my friends. 
What were those words of wisdom?
Follow Your Bliss.
More simply put; Do What You Love.

There are many fluffy theories around this, including some fallout beliefs from the reign of "The Secret"
Yes, its very , uplifting, definitely positive and in many ways beneficial but.... a tad unrealistic (and for me heavily weighing on monetary gain as the answer to happiness)
Have you read/watched it?
Do! Its worth it but don't take it as gospel.
For me now, "following your bliss" is simply about being true to yourself, being who you are, living your talents, interests and gifts.
Most of us build our lives around our responsibilities and neglect all of this for reasons like obligation, lack of confidence and lack of belief in what doing what we love might bring to us. We slog away at jobs we don't really enjoy, giving up who we are, shadowing our way through our lives until, well, until its over!
We've got some short and precious time here - do we really want to get to the other side of it not having brought at least some of who we are and what we love to the table of life?
Not me.
Being "me" has become a priority in my life and one I hope to role model as well as I can for my children, As a parent, I understand they will do as I do and not as I say!
So here I am setting off again on a the next leg of my journey, following my bliss.
What is my bliss? What do I REALLY love to do, to be?
The answers to this lie right here at Earthly Home Ireland.
It is my intention to simply share what my family and I are living, to connect with  others who enjoy the same things and maybe spark some interest in some who are looking for a simpler, easier and more natural life.
This blog is about home, family, community, nature, art, an easier life and of course love.
Thank you for joining me and whatever you do, make it something you love.